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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Write Stuff: "Which Writer Takes All"

By Shamora Evans

"The Write Stuff" is a reality television show that will showcase the exceptional writing abilities of the 15 aspiring writers that were chosen to compete after a nationwide search for talent. Viewers will be able to watch the writers as they form ideas and complete various assignments with the ultimate goal of winning a book deal from AG Press, which includes print and online marketing campaigns, a Dell Laptop, and features in various magazines. The candidates will participate in weekly challenges that incorporate and outline multiple phases of book publishing, and the "weakest link" will be eliminated from each episode of the competition until the writer with "The Write Stuff" remains. When the 15 competitors have been reduced to three, the finalists will participate in a final competition in Atlanta, GA that will determine who the winner of the competition will be.


R. Wolf Baldassarro

-- 36-year-old male from Sterling Heights, MI -- author, poet, "slut to the written word"

Stacey Cochran

-- 35-year-old male from Raleigh, NC -- has worked for two publishers and done more than 150 sold-out author events of his own

Keyana Hawthorne

-- 27-year-old female from Jackson, MS -- possesses "the writer's spirit and the teacher's soul"

Justina Wheelock

-- 50-year-old female from Baton Rouge, LA -- began writing last year and experiences what she has dubbed "the literary flow"

Pamela "Pretty Pam" Briars

-- 42-year-old female from Memphis, TN -- writes from the soul and has many stories to tell about surviving the “hard times”

Tommie Townsley

-- 47-year-old female from Sulphur, LA -- refers to herself as a "True American Woman" and has self-published four books

Geremy Howard

-- 33-year-old male from Katy, TX -- "unflinching and fearless" in all of his writing

Momo Willy

-- 27-year-old female from Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- has known she was supposed to be a writer since she first picked up a pen and began writing

Sybil Presley

-- 62-year-old female from Memphis, TN -- represents "the vast audience of 'Baby Boomers'" and has unique writing, entertainment, and promotional talents

Darrell Bruner

-- 48-year-old male from Atlanta, GA -- an author who believes he has "The Write Stuff"

David Dickson

-- 45-year-old male from Newton, NC -- "a writer who thrives on prompts, deadlines, and getting down to business"

Ross Walton

-- 23-year-old male from Clarksdale, MS -- published his first book entitled "Finding Me" in January 2009 and has been writing for six years

Dr. M. F.

-- 32-year-old female from Atlanta/New York -- author of the book "Nothing's Wrong" and writer of four years

Powwah Uhuru

-- 37-year-old male from Memphis, TN -- has been writing for 10 years

Lakeisha Young-Sanders

-- 35-year-old female from Houston, TX -- has been writing for six years and is in the process of publication with her book "The War at Home"

The show's creator, Cyrus A. Webb of Shadow Play Entertainment, created the show with the hopes of inspiring writers, promoting literacy, and to create a form of entertainment that would be suitable for viewers of all ages. Best-selling author, Kimberly Cheryl (author of "Escape from the Pharma Drug Cartel"), is also excited about the show's educational appeal and said, "With so many programs on TV that promote violence and other negative aspects of our society, it is very exciting for me, as an author and avid book reader, to see a marvelous program that explores education and literacy." In addition to Webb, the show is executive produced by Cheryl Pillsbury of AG Press, Stanley Clark of "For the People Productions", Derrick Hargrove, Nikki Shallwani, and Herschel Dixon. Webb is also the publicist for music artist/author "Tray Chaney" (better known to many as the character "Poot" from HBO's "The Wire"), and Chaney is the national spokesperson for "The Write Stuff" movement. In addition to supporting the campaign, Chaney is also the author of "The Truth You Can't BeTray" and a music artist working on an album that includes the first single "Delima", which features "Jazz" of the hit R&B group Dru Hill.

"The Write Stuff Literary Campaign" has also garnered the attention of celebrities in the entertainment business, including Ryan Kessman of the MTV show "Bully Beatdown" and comedian and community leader, Ced Delaney (BET's "Comic View"). In an interview, Delaney posed a question that highlights the importance of the organization's cause, saying, "If you can't read, you can't function. How can you get where you're going without reading?" His message and encouragement from other "Write Stuff Literary Campaign" supporters can be heard at public locations throughout the summer at literary parties hosted by "The Write Stuff".

Those wishing to support the efforts of the literary campaign can help by aiding the organization in reaching their goal to collect $100,000 in books to donate to other literary foundations that focus on encouraging youth to read, including "The Common Ground" and "CityKids" foundations.

"The Write Stuff" reality television show airs SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 2009 on "CW" networks, some "MY" networks, and ABC affiliates. Viewers will also be able to follow the show on the popular website "YouTube" and can learn more about the show and its endeavors by visiting